Contractor renovating a Portland Oregon homeMaking renovations to Portland Oregon homes is an honor for us.  We know that you trust us with likely the biggest investment you’ll ever make, and we don’t take that lightly.

The definition of renovation is making changes or repairs to something to bring it back into good condition.  Our objective is to always surpass that definition.  The renovations you allow us to make will take your home to a place it’s never been before; a condition that is higher in quality and aesthetic appeal than you thought it could be.

Below is a list of possible renovations that will bring your home to the next level of excellence that you are hoping for:

  • Bathrooms– Whether you are completely remodeling, or simply updating a bathroom, a vast amount of value can be added to the home.  Powder rooms renovated with new flooring and a new vanity can add luxury and elegance to an outdated space.  Pulling out and redoing the plumbing of an older home’s bathroom while updating the tub and shower can bring immense functionality and comfort back to the room.
  • Kitchens– A kitchen renovation including new countertops and appliances can add immense value.  New flooring and cabinets can do the same thing.  Renovating a kitchen not only adds value, it also adds joy!  When you walk into a renovated kitchen, you fall in love with that room once again.

If you’re interested in having a bathroom, kitchen, or any other part of your home renovated, contact us to begin the process.