Image of remodeled kitchen in Portland OregonKitchen Remodeling Portland Oregon

Kitchen remodeling is one of our favorite things to do for Portland Oregon residents.  We know that your kitchen is the place where your family and guests gather to socialize and engage each other, so we know how beautiful and functional you need that space to be.  

If you’re beginning to think about remodeling your kitchen, then you should consider sitting down with a Portland remodeling contractor like Keyser Construction to start laying out the project.  There are many details that should be considered before beginning, and who better to discuss those details with than a licensed remodeling contractor who has undertaken projects like yours time and time again.

Consider the following types of details as you beginning planning a kitchen remodeling project for your Portland Oregon home.


Consider the layout and design of your new cabinets. What type of drawers would work? What kind of cabinet doors? For example there are soft-close drawers as well as pull out drawers to make it easier to lift out heavy appliances.


We pay special attention to your storage needs including recycling centers, pantries, appliance storage and ease of using those appliances.


We help you decide on the best material for your needs. Material range from granite to concrete, glass to manufactured quartz.

Energy Efficiency

We are always keeping up to date with the latest trends in the market. We can recommend solutions for what is trending now in terms of energy efficient appliances.  There are many new and exciting products on the market which we keep current on including refrigerators, dishwashers, microwaves, cook tops, ranges and ovens.


Our team can create an optimized light plan based on your functionality needs.

Design Details

From backsplash design, to wall colors, to style of cabinet pulls, art work and accessories, our team is here to guide you throughout the process. We do have an excellent Interior Designer on our team if you need one.

 View some of our kitchen remodeling jobs below and contact us to begin remodeling your own kitchen today.