Kitchen Remodeling Portland Oregon – Custom Countertops

There are many different aspects to kitchen remodeling in Portland Oregon. From the floors to the appliances, and the lighting to the cabinets, each aspect plays an important role in how your final remodeling project turns out. One of the most important aspects is your countertop. People spend a lot of time preparing food on their kitchen counters, so it’s very important to choose the right surface and the right colors. 

Many Choices

Nowadays kitchen countertops come in a wide variety of materials and even more designs and colors. Some of the most popular choices include:

  • Granite – durable and long-lasting and available in many colors and patterns
  • Composite – resists stains and scratches and prevents the growth of bacteria
  • Quartz – beautiful shine and elegant look and feel, quartz is growing in popularity. Resists scratches and stains and requires little maintenance.
  • Concrete – is great because you can create one-of-a kind designs with many different patterns and colors.
  • Butcher Block – these are warm and smooth and are great for cutting and chopping. They are also easy to repair if they do scratch.
  • Laminate – these are great because they can achieve the same look and feel of more expensive countertops at a reduced cost. They are also very easy to maintain. However, they do scratch and chip easier.

Start Your Kitchen Remodel

If you’re ready for some kitchen remodeling in Portland Oregon, including adding the beautiful new countertops of your choice, then contact Keyser Construction today and lets get started.