Kitchen and Bath Remodeling projects from Keyser Construction.


Bathroom Remodeling Portland Oregon – Getting Your Vanity Right

When you decide its time for a bathroom remodel in Portland Oregon you need to consider every aspect of your design. Of course the tub/shower is a huge part of the equation, but the floors, lighting, fixtures, cabinets and the vanity are all just as important. It used to be that a bathroom sink was […]

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Kitchen Remodeling Portland Oregon – Custom Countertops

There are many different aspects to kitchen remodeling in Portland Oregon. From the floors to the appliances, and the lighting to the cabinets, each aspect plays an important role in how your final remodeling project turns out. One of the most important aspects is your countertop. People spend a lot of time preparing food on […]

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image of a green footprint n grass

Green Remodeling Portland OR – What Makes Construction Green?

A lot of companies toss the term “green” around as part of their business. Although many companies claim to be green and to use green practices, not everyone is as green as they claim to be. At Keyser Construction, we really do make every effort we can to implement green remodeling practices in Portland OR. […]

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Renovations Portland OR – We Do Commercial Renovations

At Keyser Construction we are out in the Portland OR community every day working on beautiful remodels and renovations at many different locations. Although we offer many great services for residential remodels, we also have 15 years of experience doing commercial renovations as well. At Keyser Construction we understand how important appearances can be to […]

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Image of remodeled fireplace with wood and slate accents by Keyser Construction OR

Green Construction Portland Oregon – Remodel Your Fireplace

Spring is officially here, which means people all over the Portland Oregon area will soon be heading outdoors more and more. People enjoy many outdoor activities, including backyard barbeques and sitting by their outdoor fireplaces. In fact, one of the most popular items on people’s remodeling wish list is a fireplace. An outdoor fireplace is […]

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Renovations Portland Oregon – Hire the Right Construction Team

At Keyser Construction we know that it takes a quality team of designers and builders to get your Portland Oregon renovations done right. We also know that not all contractors work to the same level of expertise as others. At Keyser Construction we pride ourselves in being on the cutting edge of remodeling and renovations […]

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Image of abstract design sketch of kitchen interior

Kitchen Renovations Portland Oregon – Flooring Trends

When it comes to kitchen renovations in Portland Oregon, there a lot of aspects you have to consider. From the lighting, to the countertops, and from the cabinets to the flooring, there are a lot of important decisions to make. Each of these different aspects is important to the overall look of your new kitchen. […]

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Image of touch screen computer shows interior layout plan of office business

Remodeling Portland Oregon – Your Design Dream Team

You have a lot of choices when it comes to contractors for remodeling in Portland Oregon. However, not all contractor and construction companies are built the same. If you want to make sure that your remodel or renovation goes right the first time, then you need a whole team of experts working on your project […]

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green remodeling Portland Oregon

Green Construction Portland Oregon – Be Friendly to the Environment When You Remodel

More and more companies are trying to implement environmentally friendly practices into their regular activities, including construction companies. Being green is especially important to people in the Portland, Oregon area, which is why Keyser Construction continues to use green construction practices every day. Green construction in Portland, Oregon is a growing trend and at Keyser […]

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Remodeled bathroom - shower with accent tiles

Bathroom Remodeling Portland Oregon – Top Tips for Your Next Bathroom Remodel

Does it ever feel like your entering the 80’s when you go to use your bathroom? Maybe it seems like your bathroom is stuck in the 90’s or even worse, the 70’s. Whatever decade your bathroom is from, if it hasn’t had a remodel in the last 10 to 15 years, then maybe it’s time. […]

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