Trusted Remodeling Contractor in Portland OR

Image of Brandan Keyser Owner of Keyser Construction

Before selecting a remodeling contractor who will work on your home in Portland OR, it’s important that you take some time to research companies, find their Better Business Bureau rating, and see what their past clients have to say about them.

To research the company, make sure you go to their website and look for their CCB number.  Licensed contractors must display their CCB number on their website and any other marketing materials to prove that they are legitimate.  Keyser’s CCB number is 121142 and it’s displayed on the bottom, right-hand corner of each page  on the website.  

You can also research companies by checking them out at the Better Business Bureau website.  Keyser Construction has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.  Check it out here.

Reading client testimonials is also a great way to research companies.  Below is a sampling of Keyser’s testimonials, you can read the rest of them on their testimonials page.

Deborah Forst

Brandan Keyser and crew did a terrific job and was reasonably priced for their work. He and his company have completed several projects for us over the past two years. We would highly recommend them for any home remodel or repair. They are highly skilled, clean, competent and very easy to work with. Great folks!

Julie Carson

He is excellent in every way: his work is superb, his rates reasonable, he comes on time, clean up when he leaves, calls back, and shows up when he says he will.

After doing research on Keyser Construction, you’ll find that they are a trusted remodeling contractor, and that you can feel confident asking them to work on your home.

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