Home Additions Portland Oregon – Make Sure Your Addition Adds Up

If you’re like a lot of other folks in the Portland Oregon area, or just about anywhere else for that matter, then you could probably use a little more space in your home. However, if you like where you live and you don’t want to leave, then getting that extra space will require some kind of home modification, usually a renovation or an addition. 

Vertical or Horizontal: That is the Question

When you decide to add on to your home there are many important factors you have to consider, not the least of which is which direction are you going to build: out or up. There are pros and cons to both, but often the decision will be made depending on what kind of space you presently have and which room in the house your adding on to.

Building Out

When you build out you will typically have to add to your foundation, which requires excavating equipment and pouring new concrete. The advantage to building out is that it usually doesn’t disrupt the current living space. However the downside is that you lose some of your yard space.

Building Up

When you build up your current living space will definitely be disrupted, but you won’t lose any of your yard space. Some areas have height restrictions, which could be problem with building up, and it may take more foundation to be capable of holding the additional weight.

Choose Keyser 

Whichever direction you decide to build, you can depend on the team at Keyser Construction to help you get your home additions in Portland Oregon done right. Click here to learn more.