Home Addition for added home investment value

Buying New vs. Adding To Your Home

We are seeing a trend in today’s Real Estate market where people are choosing to stay in their existing home and remodel rather than selling and “trading up” to a newer / bigger home.

Adding on to an existing home can give you the added space you have been looking for. Whether it is a larger kitchen, a bigger bathroom, extra bedrooms, a bonus room, or a garage with office space above we can help you from design to the finished project. Our goal is to make the addition blend into the current home so that when we are done the home looks like it was originally built that way.

Double Your Investment

Last year we did an addition in West Linn that almost doubled the size of the home. The addition was a master bedroom, master bathroom, a bedroom, and a living room with a covered porch.

We were very happy to hear that the homeowner had the property appraised after the project was complete and it appraised for $20k more than what they have as a total investment into the property.

So even in today’s market we are seeing a good return on investment when you remodel your home by increasing your overall footage with an addition.