Green Remodeling Portland Oregon- Keep Your Remodel Green

Five Tips to Keep Your Remodel Green

Companies in just about every industry are looking for ways to be environmentally friendly and the remodeling industry is no exception. There are many steps that builders and remodelers can take to be greener. At Keyser Construction thinking green is part of who we are, which is why are leading the way in the field of green remodeling.

Helpful Hints

The following ideas are just a few tips to help ensure that your next remodeling project in Portland Oregon is truly green:

  • Instead of adding more space, try to work with the space you already have. This will lessen the impact on the environment.
  • Determine how much you are spending on energy, and then implement any cost-saving methods that can keep your house more sustainable. You’ll save money and decrease your emissions.
  • Think quality before quantity. In other words, choose the best energy-efficient and environmentally friendly materials you can afford and don’t overdue things just for the sake of change.
  • Fix any water leaks and install low-flow toilets and shower heads.
  • Do your research and find a remodeling company that thinks green the same way you do.

Call Keyser

Keyser Construction keeps all of these helpful tips in mind and more when we do any green remodeling in Portland Oregon. So give us a call at 503-997-5895 and let’s start planning your next remodel now. Click here to learn more.