Green Remodeling Portland OR – What Makes Construction Green?

A lot of companies toss the term “green” around as part of their business. Although many companies claim to be green and to use green practices, not everyone is as green as they claim to be. At Keyser Construction, we really do make every effort we can to implement green remodeling practices in Portland OR.

So what exactly is green construction and how does our company keep things green? Green, or sustainable construction, is using the resources we have more effectively and efficiently, while at the same time building more energy-efficient and healthier homes. At Keyser Construction, we make sure each of our remodeling and renovation jobs sticks to this philosophy.

There isn’t one specific formula for implementing green construction practices, but the overall process usually involves these factors:

  • Conserving resources as much as possible
  • Leaving a lighter footprint on the environment
  • Balancing cost-effective, energy-efficient and low maintenance products 

Green construction is not always easy, but with a little extra effort to reduce, reuse and recycle our team at Keyser Construction is making a sincere daily effort to leave a smaller footprint on the environment while still creating beautiful new spaces in your home or office. Click here to learn about Keyser Construction’s green remodeling practices in Portland OR.