Being Green During a Home Remodel

There’s no question that a remodel can leave you with a beautiful new home or space. The finished product can keep you smiling for years to come. However, there is a dirty side to remodeling: it’s the dirt. Any kind of construction project will include a lot of dust and debris; that’s the nature of the business. So how can a remodeling company promise to be green?

We Work Hard to Be Green

At Keyser Construction we practice green remodeling in Portland Oregon. We stay green and we keep your home clean and free of dust. So how do we do it, you ask; by being true to our motto of rebuild, reuse and recycle. At Keyser Construction we recycle as much of the old as possible. Old cabinets, doors and drawers and toilets, sinks and fixtures will all make their way to the Rebuilding Store on Mississippi Ave. That’s not all. If your used wood or tile flooring and windows are in good shape they’ll go there too.

Clean Every Day

At Keyser Construction we even clean the job site every night by removing any tools and debris, and making sure we keep the dust to a minimum. If you stay in the home during the remodel, we will also seal off the area with plastic ‘tents’. At the end of the project we do a thorough clean with a checklist, and leave the home in better shape than we found it. Click here to learn more about our green practices.

Contractor using a saw

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