Green Construction Portland Oregon – Be Friendly to the Environment When You Remodel

More and more companies are trying to implement environmentally friendly practices into their regular activities, including construction companies. Being green is especially important to people in the Portland, Oregon area, which is why Keyser Construction continues to use green construction practices every day.

Green construction in Portland, Oregon is a growing trend and at Keyser Construction we like to think of ourselves as the leader in this cause. We believe we can use green building practices at just about every job. We also know there are several tips for you to remember to make your next remodel green.

One way to stay green is to consider what kind of materials you choose for your remodel job. For example, you can choose products that are environmentally friendly instead products that are harmful. Bamboo or cork is better than carpet or hardwood, for example, and linoleum is less harmful to the environment than vinyl.

Another way to leave a smaller footprint on the environment is to recycle as much of the old material as possible, instead of just tossing it into the trash, where it will become landfill.

These are the kinds of things you can do to keep your next remodeling project green, and they are the kinds of things we do every day at Keyser Construction. Click here to learn more.

Image of recycling bins