Remodeling Portland Oregon – Your Design Dream Team

You have a lot of choices when it comes to contractors for remodeling in Portland Oregon. However, not all contractor and construction companies are built the same. If you want to make sure that your remodel or renovation goes right the first time, then you need a whole team of experts working on your project from the outset.

Image of Brandan Keyser Owner of Keyser Construction

That means you need the right people in place from the first design all the way to the finished product and every step in between. Your remodeling project starts with a dream, which our design team can turn into a plan. From there, our building team steps in to make sure the plan goes correctly and that your dream is fulfilled.

At Keyser Construction we make sure you are part of the entire process, from the initial meeting to final coat of paint and perfectly placed piece of trim. After you meet with our design team to create your plan, we also make sure to go over the finances with you so there aren’t any surprises. We do our best to estimate the cost as closely as we can.

All of these steps are to ensure that your dream comes true. So contact us today at Keyser Construction and lets get started on your dream.