Spacious Spa Style Bathroom Remodel

By implementing creative design ideas by Jason Ball Interiors this bathroom was totally transformed from the “dark ages” to a modern “renaissance” Spa style bathroom.

The first big difference was how natural light was brought into the room. We achieved this by moving the shower away from the exterior wall which allowed a large window to be installed.

The spacious atmosphere was created by an open custom tile shower with lots of glass for the shower walls . Also a half wall was built instead of the full wall that divides the toilet from the vanity.

A Relaxing Getaway in your bathroom

Some fun design elements include the under-mount bathtub deck that also serves as a bench for the shower and an extra long sink with dual faucets.

We really enjoyed teaming up with Jason Ball Interiors on this project and the customers are very pleased with the results.

Every home should have a private getaway spa like this!