Bathroom Remodeling Portland Oregon – Getting Your Vanity Right

When you decide its time for a bathroom remodel in Portland Oregon you need to consider every aspect of your design. Of course the tub/shower is a huge part of the equation, but the floors, lighting, fixtures, cabinets and the vanity are all just as important. It used to be that a bathroom sink was just a sink. It was essentially a place to wash your hands and brush your teeth.

However, bathroom sinks are no longer just sinks. Bathroom vanities, as they are now commonly referred, come in so many shapes and styles there are enough designs for everyone to have their own unique look. So what are some of the most popular trends in vanity designs right now? Let’s take a look:

  • Floating Vanity – these feature a counter that is attached to the wall but they do not touch the ground. This gives your vanity a floating appearance. They also come in duel or single sink versions and give your vanity a sleek look.
  • Classic Wood Vanity – although they have been around for years, these vanities are still popular. With the right design and finish they can add elegance to any vanity.
  • Minimalist Vanity – these often skip the cabinet portion of your vanity all together and instead feature a stand-alone sink going straight to the floor. If you like simplicity then you’ll like this look.

Of course there are many other types and styles of vanities to choose from, so if your ready for a bathroom remodel in Portland Oregon, then contact Keyser Construction and we’ll help you get the right vanity for your job.