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We are a 17 year old family business based in Portland Oregon. A comprehensive Dream | Design | Build team. Above all, we’re homeowners too. We understand you have budgets and we’re skilled in efficiently managing them. We’re happy to give you more design options, not less.  Whether your project is kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, or whole home remodeling, we are your answer in Portland Oregon.

We also recognize your need for sanity throughout the remodel process, so we strive for exceptional workmanship and efficiency, right down to a clean job site—even green building practices. The little details inside the big picture, because in the end, attention to detail sets us apart.


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We believe strongly in the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle philosophy when undertaking a project of any type and strive to plan, design and build our projects with the health of the environment in mind.

Separating out re-usable materials during the demolition/ building process through our residential recycling plan, we donate to the Rebuilding Center, a local non-profit that repurposes old construction materials for new uses. All waste paint goes to Metro, where it’s turned back into residential-grade supplies.

Responsible Building Practices

For us, the concept of ‘green’ building extends far beyond energy-efficient design and construction. It’s about keeping as much ‘waste’ construction material as possible out of the landfills and putting it to work somewhere positive.
We also support well-known groups like Habitat for Humanity and some lesser-known organizations like ReFit, a non-profit volunteer organization providing home modification services for physically and financially challenged homeowners who wish to remain living independently in their homes.
Our success as a Portland residential and commercial remodeling contractor stems from those whom we trust enough to work beside,
our Dream | Design | Build team.

Whether it’s a master suite addition, small bathroom remodel, commercial renovation or something as seemingly simple as better kitchen storage ideas, our mission is to provide the best expertise within our individual fields.

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